Your garment must have the perfect fit, so that you are comfortable with it and achieve the results that many women are already experiencing.

Therefore, it is important that you take your current measurements, directly on the body, and choose your size based on them.

How to measure yourself?


A) Contour: Measure your contour, just below the chest.

B) Waist: Take the measurement at the narrowest point, counting two fingers (horizontal) above the navel.

C) Hips: Measure around the hips where it is widest, passing through the highest part of the buttocks.

All Siluette garments are for intimate use, so we do not make changes or refunds. If you have questions about your size, write to us and we will gladly advise you, completely free of charge.


Special Recommendations

  • If you are between two sizes, we recommend that you choose based on your waist measurements.
  • If you have a lot of volume in the abdomen area (with a round or “floaty” belly), choose one size larger, since otherwise, the girdle will be short in size and it will be uncomfortable for you to wear it.
  • If you are about to give birth and want to know which garment to choose to wear postpartum, take your girth and hip measurements (not your waist). Then, look at the table and choose a size larger, since there is still inflammation in the first weeks. But don't worry, your girdle will help you reorder and reattach the skin to the muscle.
  • In the quarantine, the girdles with pelvic adjustment are recommended. To wear an abdominal girdle it is recommended to wait at least 20 days after delivery (either natural or cesarean section). You can combine it perfectly with your pelvic girdle.

    Do you have doubts about your size? 

    Write to us and we will advise you completely free of charge. You can send us your measurements and we will help you determine which model and size are the most suitable for your body type.

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