We believe in the beauty and diversity of woman's body after pregnancy

Because there are as many ways of being a mum as there are mothers in the world.
Because in the sensitivity of the body that has housed life there is an infinite beauty.
Because behind the physical changes there is inner growth


And because we want to avoid, at all costs, that no woman feels her motherhood overshadowed by the frustration of not feeling happy in her body.

We ourselves are a team of real women, with different bodies and physiognomies, who decide to look good and feel good, from love and acceptance to the different stages of our life.


If each woman experiences motherhood in her own way, why are we all offered the same type of postpartum lingerie?

We'd love to banish the idea that postpartum is a stage for wearing "disposable panties" and "baggy clothing."

We think that, if you want it that way, style and comfort can be present at every stage of your life. Also in the postpartum!

And we are here to accompany you in your maternity, from its beginnings onwards, with comfortable and sensitive lingerie that pampers your body and be true to your style.


How it all started?

I am Indira, creative director and founder of Siluette, a project that was born shortly after having my first child, in 2006.

After delivery, I found myself with 10 extra kilos and a cesarean section wound that caused me a lot of discomfort. While trying to process all the changes that motherhood implies, every day I listened to comments from my environment about what I should do to “regain my figure”.

I remember that my mother recommended that I wear a shaping girdle, and although I had my reluctance at first, after trying it I felt how it contained my body, it helped me correct my posture when carrying my baby in my arms and, in certain way, held the wound from cesarean section.

The sensations were so good that I started to use it for a while every day: when I went for a walk with my baby, while I took care of him at home ... And, as the months went by, I could see how it helped me shape it my body as I wanted.
The following year, I contacted the manufacturer and began marketing the girdles in Spain, where I was living at the time.
In 2009, when I got pregnant with my second daughter, the company where I worked decided to fire me.
Although it was a very hard time, I decided that it would be the opportunity to bet 100% on Siluette. And it was the best decision I could have made! During the first years of my children's lives, I was able to enjoy them while growing my own business.

Siluette's new era: Postpartum Lingerie and Maternity

In 2014, for personal reasons, I had to return to my country, and Siluette was put on hiatus for a few years ... until it was time to make it reborn as the brand it is today, focused 100% on sensitivity, the comfort and style of the woman who is a mother.
Over time I discovered that the first years of motherhood are a wonderful time. My children are now teenagers, and many times I long for those moments when I could hold them.
I would love, if I could to convey that message, to my self from 15 years ago, and say to myself:
  • Stop worrying about not having the perfect body,
  • There are many options to look good,
  • Is very important to be comfortable in this very sensitive stage,
  • You can improve your figure little by little and on the same day by day, without investing a time that does not exist ...
  • And that I focus on enjoying what is really important: that baby, who looks at me with all the tenderness.
I want this message to to be present in everything we do, that it be part of Siluette and of each of the sustainable, feminine and delicate garments that are part of it today.

Siluette Values

Everything we do is based on 4 fundamental principles:


No Siluette garment is a "magic solution", nor do we believe there is anything to "solve".


Well-being and Comfort

Comfortable and stylish garments, because feminine sensitivity is our priority.


Active Maternity

We vindicate the physical activity that motherhood entails and the need to wear accompanying garments.


Products made under fair trade principles, with sustainable materials.


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